Book moves faster with OneMove's Direct Services
Written by Crystal Chang
Head of Product


Simplify your booking process and use OneMove's Direct Pickup and Direct Delivery services in our latest Door-to-Door calculator! These services eliminate the need to manually check for shuttling situations and running additional pricing, resulting in quick and easy quotes for your customer.

How do we make sure our OneMove pricing covers shuttles?

  • Our carriers’ 28-foot pup trailers can go nearly anywhere a box truck can go, so arranging a separate shuttle should not be necessary for our service providers that have an interchange agreement.

  • If a service provider doesn’t have an interchange agreement, they have already accounted for a transfer service in their pricing because all of their moves performed with OneMove must be serviced in this manner.

  • As seen in the screenshot below, the Direct Pickup and Direct Delivery services are automatically included in the overall pricing for your shipment.

alt text

With one step removed from the process, you will see an increase to your booking conversion rates as customers get quicker, cheaper, and more accurate quotes.

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