Defeat Summer Capacity Issues With OneMove
Written by Fred Cook


As a mover, the bitter memory of last year’s peak season is likely still fresh in your mind, and the looming capacity crisis in moving is getting worse every year. The trucking industry is currently short 35,000 drivers and is projected to be short by 240,000 drivers by 2020. Specifically, recruiting drivers into moving has become incredibly challenging because the work is far more demanding and the increase in pay is marginal compared to general freight. The capacity disaster in moving is not going to change or improve. It will only get worse, and if you want to protect your customers and your business, you will have to develop contingency operations solutions now.

OneMove is your alternative capacity platform, connecting you and your operation with transportation companies and other moving organizations at destination to facilitate a high-quality long distance move option. OneMove allows you to service your hard earned clients seamlessly, while setting your own rates and margin expectations, all without the fear of van line cutoffs or driver shortages. As a OneMove Member, you enter your prices for moving services, specific to any dates, and even specific down to an exact mileage or zip code you choose to service. OneMove estimates are generated directly in real time by you, your salespeople, or your customer service team. This alternative capacity solution works whether you are a van line agent, consumer salesperson, national account representative, professional salesperson, a relocation company, military forwarder, government services agent, move management team, or customer service representative.

In addition to having a high-quality alternative capacity solution, OneMove also connects you with other network Members, giving you opportunities to provide services (at rates that you set) expanding your operation. From the largest van line agents to small, local moving companies, there are services you can provide that other moving companies need. No set-up fees and no obligations mean there is no downside to listing your services through OneMove.

The moving industry is rapidly changing, and organizations will need to evolve to survive. Let OneMove help you grow and thrive... Let's get started today.

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