Expand Your Moving Solutions Without Expanding Your Costs
Written by Tim Hall
VP Membership


Today’s society is fast and demanding. Savvy consumers expect to evaluate and decide between competing products and services within minutes, rather than hours or days. The moving industry is no different. The constant pressure to drive up shipment volume while maintaining capacity continues year after year. The rise in real estate sales, a steady job market, and substantial driver shortages have produced increased move volumes compared to recent years, further straining capacity.

As an industry, we have fallen short in describing the basic laws of the moving market to our customers. Those customers are therefore frequently unaware of important factors like blackout dates and extended delivery spreads. Short on time and patience, customers enter the moving market expecting “NOW” solutions. Our industry must align itself with this “NOW” consumer expectation level. “Solution Selling” is now “Solution Services”. Large online retailers have created solid product and service offers to attract a huge customer base. Having a rotation of solutions keeps suppliers competitive and in an excellent position for increased market share as companies such as Walmart and Amazon has adopted and expanded. The same holds true for the moving industry. Properly equipping with an inventory of transportation solutions allows moving companies to service customers in alignment with their needs and not limited to capacity restraints. Meeting customer needs timely drive growth and market share and is based on a combination platform of flexibility and response.

Enter the OneMove Platform. OneMove gives Members access to a powerful network of freight carriers, exponentially expanding capacity. With multiple carriers to choose from, there is likely to be an option to fit almost any shipment’s needs, even in the midst of van line black out dates. OneMove also has options for guaranteed and expedited delivery spreads to get shipments moving fast and where they need to be, on time with transit times as low as 3 to 5 days. In an industry where it can be tough, and at times nearly impossible, to deliver on the expectation of “now,” OneMove stands apart. Reach out today to learn more and see how the OneMove Platform just delivers faster.

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