Hello From AMSA!
Written by Tim Hall
VP Membership


Hello from AMSA!

OneMove is excited to be at AMSA’s 97th Annual Education Conference and Expo! We are having a great time seeing everyone and enjoying what New Orleans has to offer, and wanted to shoot out an update for everyone not in attendance about the major themes we’re seeing.

The first is technology, specifically around surveys. Many companies have been talking about doing different forms of video surveys, and while last year there were only a few early adopters doing video surveys, it is clear this year that almost every major player has tried or is considering trying video survey in some form. We are truly excited to see this technology start to go mainstream, and we expect significant adoption throughout 2016.

The second is capacity. As there has been for several years, driver recruiting has been a significant discussion topic in sessions and in the convention hall. This year we’re also seeing more discussion of “pitch-and-catch”, “crate-and-freight” and intermodal options being used in lieu of traditional hauling. We have also had a lot of interest in our alternative capacity solution, and are very excited to be able to help the industry out by providing this turnkey solution and quality network.

Cheers from New Orleans!

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