Introducing OneMove
Written by Frederick Cook


Introducing OneMove

Today, we are excited to announce OneMove. OneMove is a platform for movers and others in the long-distance moving industry to find the services necessary to price, book, and fulfill high-quality long distance moves.

A year ago, a group of us got together and took our experience working for major van lines, agents, independent movers, relocation companies and tech companies and decided to launch a new company to help accelerate the adoption of technology in the moving industry. Our initial Video Survey product, the most consistent and convenient way to get a pre-move survey done fast, quickly took off. From there we started considering what other products and services the industry needed. OneMove is the platform through which we are making these products and services available.

In addition to Video Survey, these initial products are also available on OneMove today:

  • Freight Transport: instant rates from multiple freight companies for alternative capacity.
  • Door-to-Door: instant rates for a full-service move, including loading labor, transport, unloading labor, packing, extra stops, and protection plans.

We’ve spent the last few months building and growing these products and working out the kinks. Now we are extremely excited to finally be opening this platform up to any qualified moving company. Please shoot us a note at [email protected] to schedule a demo.

We’ll also be adding many more services over the coming months, so subscribe to our newsletter using the form on this page if you’d like to stay in the loop.

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