New OneMove carrier announcement - ABF Freight is live!
Written by Crystal Chang
Head of Product


We are pleased to announce that ABF Freight is now available via our Door-to-Door product!

OneMove shipments sent via ABF will be fulfilled with our Transfer Pickup and Delivery Services. The shipment gets transferred at ABF terminals, and the trailer will be shipped from the ABF origin terminal to the destination terminal. This is a great additional option for our Referrer Members who do not have an interchange agreement in place.

Log in to OneMove and price some shipments yourself to see where ABF can add more coverage or more competitive pricing for your area!

Actual savings for 5000 lb shipments during peak season:

ODFL ABF Savings
Kansas City, MO to Denver, CO $3907 $3544 $363 (9% off)
Dallas, TX to Lexington, KY $3725 $3350 $375 (10% off)
Flagstaff, AZ to Dallas, TX $3911 $3168 $743 (19% off)

If you’re a OneMove Service Provider, we encourage you to take a look at the list of ABF Terminals to see which locations are close to your warehouses.

Need a refresher on OneMove? Check out the Resources tab for helpful documents and screencasts.

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