OneMove - A Peak Season Small Move Solution
Written by Chris Borrink
Co-Founder and VP Marketing


What is your plan this summer when small move leads continue to contact you, yet any van line will not allow you to move these shipments? Typically, a van line will have a weight limit in the peak season, sometimes as high as 5,000 lbs. If you are like most movers, roughly 15% of your leads fall into this category, and it can be very difficult to avoid generating them. Instead of letting small shipments go to waste, book them on OneMove and build in the booking commission that you want. Smart movers that maximize all of their customer opportunities are the ones that preserve enough cash in the summer to survive the lean months. Make sure you fall in this category.

Benefits to your customers

Like all of your other moving services, a small move solution has to be as good as, if not better than, every other service you provide. Customers expect convenience, timeliness, careful handling and a low price. Unlike other small move solutions you may have tried in the past, OneMove is a perfect fit for your customer’s needs and expectations.

  • Convenience: Using OneMove’s Video Survey option, we can conduct a survey in your customer’s home the same day it is requested. Survey data is turned around from our team within 24-48 hours and you can book the move with your customer as soon as you get them back on the phone. Time is always a factor in any move and our services reduce that timeline substantially.
  • Timely Moves: When you refer your customer into OneMove, you are taking advantage of our nationwide network of freight carriers that run regular lanes around the country 24x7. With guaranteed delivery in as low as 3 days, your customer’s belongings will arrive on time and as promised.
  • Careful Handling: OneMove’s transportation method loads a customer’s belongings only once - no multi-touch loading sometimes associated with moves that involve a shuttle. Claims frequencies are significantly lowered and customers appreciate the care associated with OneMove’s handling process. Less handling leads to lower claims and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Pricing: Last but not least, today’s moving customers expect the lowest price they can find. And while you’ll be able to sell the other benefits from OneMove like low transit times and careful handling, price will always be a significant factor. Our transportation providers compete in a $650 billion industry. Your customers will benefit from the hyper-competitive nature of this industry, even for the smallest of shipments.

Easy to book on the Platform

With a minimum of 4 linear feet (roughly 1,800 lbs), booking small shipments on the OneMove Platform is fast and easy. Once you have become a referrer and logged into our platform, you’ll only need to spend minutes to price, review, and confirm a shipment.

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