Providing Services Through OneMove
Written by Tim Hall
VP Membership


As a mover, your services are always in demand even though you may not know it. OneMove’s platform allows you to enter your rates for a range of moving services, and specific to any dates, and even specific down to an exact mileage or zip code. These rates are used to populate estimates being run by OneMove Members across the country who need moving services. The estimates generated by OneMove are constantly requested in real time by consumer salespeople, national account representatives, professional salespeople, relocation companies, military forwarders, government services agents, move management teams, customer service representatives, and plenty of others. By simply entering your rates into OneMove platform, your services are available to be booked by any other OneMove Member at the rates you want and set.

But what about the companies that are looking for your services, but you don’t want to do business with directly? Referring those companies to OneMove to book their business will eliminate the risk of slow pay, short pay, or even no pay. OneMove will ensure you are promptly paid for the services you provide and at the rates you have entered. OneMove also defines the standards for all services provided, and can act as an intermediary if needed to quickly settle disputes.

Because the platform is so easy and connects so many movers together, plenty of opportunities exist for expanding your operations. From the largest van line agents to small, local moving companies, there are services you can provide that other moving companies need. With no set-up fees and no obligation, there is no downside to listing your services through OneMove. Reach out today to get started.

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