Selling A Short Transit Time
Written by Chris Borrink
Co-Founder and VP Marketing


OneMove offers a “smarter way to move long distance!” Our Video Survey process is convenient and timely, our interstate moving solution is price competitive, and our transportation time gives consumers a guaranteed delivery date - as little as 3 days coast to coast.

But as you sell an interstate moving product, how valuable is a shorter transit time? Let’s review options that moving companies currently give to their customers.

When talking to customers about the time it takes to move long distance, you’ve probably heard it all. Some movers greatly over-promise and under-deliver, while others tell their customers they just can’t give an answer to that question (it could be 1-3 weeks). Some experts say the whole process can take up to a month. Another moving company said a 3,000 mile move would take 7 days. One advisor said a move from CT to TX would take 5 days. And yet another “expert” on Quora was telling her followers an interstate move could take up to 3 weeks.

We as movers know the true story. The answer is, it depends. It depends on so many factors - both in your control (crew, equipment availability) and out of your control (weather, accidents, sickness, customer). To give a customer a solid answer to this question is a daunting task.

Think about the customer for a second. They are in one of life’s most stressful events along side of a marriage, divorce or a new baby. All of their possessions are headed on a truck across the country, in the hands of total strangers, in towns they have never heard of. The risks in moving are great: all of my belongings are going on a truck, the condition and handling of my goods is unknown, the money to move it all is uncertain as is the time it will take to get settled into my new home.

OneMove’s guaranteed transit time delivery option immediately eliminates some of these risks. Instead of giving customers a range of days or weeks, you can now confidently state a date when their items will arrive. Because their items will arrive so quickly, they will need to carefully plan to be present when the truck does arrive so as to not cause trouble at destination. What a problem to have - the shipment arrives too soon!

As your customers compare quotes and options from your competitors, make sure to ask them what their guaranteed delivery date is from these other companies. When they can’t give you that answer, be sure to drill in all the advantages that OneMove gives them. Often times this will allow you to command even more price when comparing your quote vs. the competition.

With proper planning and OneMove as your interstate moving partner, a transit time that works for your customer is well within reach.

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