Utilizing OneMove Services From Start to Finish
Written by Stefan Savicic
Senior Account Executive


Whether you’re veteran or a new-comer to long-distance moving there are many moving parts that can create barriers to entry and compromise your profits. Conducting an accurate survey, offering competitive rates, and providing great customer service, through coordination and claims resolution, are some of the important pieces in providing a great experience for your customer and staying ahead of competition.

Long-distance moving starts with qualifying your customer and collecting an accurate inventory. Let’s face it, providing guaranteed quotes will never go out of style and to stay competitive you need a reliable method of obtaining an inventory. If you don’t have the resources or aren’t able to provide an in-home survey, because of travel time/costs, or last-minute requests then OneMove’s pre-move Video Survey is your answer. Our Video Surveyors use readily available video technology to connect with shippers, do a walkthrough of the home and itemize everything that will be professionally moved. Recording the call allows us to document the condition of an item, note any specialty services (disassembly, wrapping, crating, bulky items, etc.) and review the recording for accuracy and issue resolution. We provide flexible scheduling and extended business hours so anytime is a good time to schedule a Video Survey.

When booking shipments you need an efficient way to compare options. Our network of high-quality movers and freight providers are connected through OneMove’s online calculator allowing you to instantly price and book any shipment in the U.S. You can choose your transit methods, select from our network of high-quality service providers, customize packing options, pick a protection plan, set your booking commission and much more. The ability to customize these services allows you to better serve your customers needs and conveniently compare your options.

Once a shipment is booked, great customer service starts and ends with detailed coordination. That’s why OneMove has a team of dedicated coordinators to navigate and support your customer through this stressful time in their lives. So if you’re low on resources or would rather focus on other aspects of the move, you can opt for OneMove’s high-quality Coordination team to communicate shipment details and provide relevant updates to your customer.

Accidents can happen, and how you handle claims can make or break the customer's experience. That’s why OneMove provides claims resolution on every single shipment. We understand how important it is to be timely, and resourceful and we promise to be there to handle every claim from start to finish.

So when it comes to long-distance moving, OneMove’s got your back. Our toolkit of services will support your long-distance moving operation from start to finish.

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