Video Survey
Video Survey

A OneMove Video Surveyor, a highly-experienced moving expert, conducts the pre-move walkthrough of the home. During the walkthrough the Video Surveyor itemizes everything the shipper plans to have professionally moved in order to create the most consistently accurate visual survey in the industry.


The result from the video survey is a VISI - a Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory. This extremely thorough, highly accurate inventory is vital to generating accurate pricing, determining packing materials needed and crew needs, move logistics and more.

More than 3,000 video surveys performed!

Schedule a survey online in seconds


Simple to conduct survey, anywhere in the world


VISI Exceeds industry standard cubing accuracy


Our technology allows us to work around your customer's schedule


Experienced Video Surveyor guides entire survey


VISI typically delivered within eight business hours of survey

By Movers. For Movers.

OneMove’s pre-move Video Survey and VISI (Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory) blend intelligent technology with our experienced team of moving experts to create an inventory experience that’s better for your customers, and more accurate and efficient for you.

How it Works
  1. Log in. Add basic customer info and preferred survey date
  2. At scheduled time, a OneMove Video Surveyor performs the survey
  3. OneMove Cubing team analyzes video and generates the VISI
  4. You're notified when your VISI is ready for download
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