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New OneMove carrier announcement - ABF Freight is live!

We are pleased to announce that ABF Freight is now available via our Door-to-Door product!

Book moves faster with OneMove's Direct Services

OneMove's Direct Services eliminate the need to manually check for shuttling situations and running additional pricing, resulting in quick and easy quotes for your customer.

Ready for the Summer Moving Season?

No one wants to turn away a lead, and OneMove is geared up to give you the tools you need to service all of your leads this summer.

Hello From AMSA!

Our Two Key Observations From AMSA’s 97th Annual Education Conference and Expo.

Selling A Short Transit Time

With proper planning and OneMove as your interstate moving partner, a transit time that works for your customer is well within reach.

Utilizing OneMove Services From Start to Finish

When it comes to long-distance moving, OneMove’s got your back. Our toolkit of services will support your long-distance moving operation from start to finish.

Moving Mainstreet

For centuries, moving companies have served as the backbone for growing communities. The moving industry has a rich history of family owned and operated businesses worldwide. As a member of OneMove, you play an important role in keeping this tradition alive.

OneMove - A Peak Season Small Move Solution

What is your plan this summer when small move leads continue to contact you, yet any van line will not allow you to move these shipments? Typically, a van line will have a weight limit in the peak season, sometimes as high as 5,000 lbs. If you are like most movers, roughly 15% of your leads fall into this category, and it can be very difficult to avoid generating them. Instead of letting small shipments go to waste, book them on OneMove and build in the booking commission that you want. Smart movers that maximize all of their customer opportunities are the ones that preserve enough cash in the summer to survive the lean months. Make sure you fall in this category.

Expand Your Moving Solutions Without Expanding Your Costs

Today’s society is fast and demanding. Savvy consumers expect to evaluate and decide between competing products and services within minutes, rather than hours or days. The moving industry is no different. The constant pressure to drive up shipment volume while maintaining capacity continues year after year. Enter the OneMove Platform.

Instantly Price and Book Any Long-Distance Lead With OneMove

OneMove allows you, as a mover, to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. OneMove facilitates and simplifies connecting those needing a moving service and those actually performing those services. Using the OneMove platform not only allows your company to increase revenue, but also streamlines the steps of booking and servicing interstate leads. This greater degree of efficiency, in turn, creates a higher profit margin as revenue increases.

Defeat Summer Capacity Issues With OneMove

As a mover, the bitter memory of last year’s peak season is likely still fresh in your mind, and the looming capacity crisis in moving is getting worse every year. The capacity disaster in moving is not going to change or improve. It will only get worse, and if you want to protect your customers and your business, you will have to develop contingency operations solutions now.

Providing Services Through OneMove

As a mover, your services are always in demand even though you may not know it. OneMove’s platform allows you to enter your rates for a range of moving services, and specific to any dates, and even specific down to an exact mileage or zip code. These rates are used to populate estimates being run by OneMove Members across the country who need moving services.

Tim Hall Joins OneMove

OneMove is excited to announce it has expanded its team by hiring Tim Hall as Vice President of Membership. Tim was formerly COO at One-to-One Relocation. Prior to that, Tim served in several roles in moving and relocation including Vice President of Corporate Channel Management at SIRVA, Regional Vice President at Bekins Van Lines,s and COO at Global Mobility Solutions. Tim has also spent extensive time consulting with moving companies on sales, marketing and operations.

Introducing OneMove

Today, we are excited to announce OneMove. OneMove is a platform for movers and others in the long-distance moving industry to find the services necessary to price, book, and fulfill high-quality long distance moves.