Instantly Price and Book Any Long-Distance Lead With OneMove
Written by Chris Borrink
Co-Founder and VP Marketing


OneMove allows you, as a mover, to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. OneMove facilitates and simplifies connecting those needing a moving service and those actually performing those services. Using the OneMove platform not only allows your company to increase revenue, but also streamlines the steps of booking and servicing interstate leads. This greater degree of efficiency, in turn, creates a higher profit margin as revenue increases. As a mover - any kind of mover - leads organically make their way to you for jobs that you are not able to currently perform yourself. Instead of trashing that lead, referring the lead elsewhere, or selling it for a few bucks, utilize OneMove to book the shipment and service it yourself. You will be able to keep a cut on the job, and have complete visibility as to how the shipment is being serviced.

To launch, accelerate, or refine your long-distance efforts, OneMove provides sales and marketing consulting. We can help increase leads, increase sales, and even increase your closing ratios.

As a member of OneMove, no lead is a dead lead. With its own freight forwarding authority, OneMove allows anyone to service long-distance shipments without needing their own interstate authority. For all services OneMove provides, there is no cost to sign up, no required rebranding, and no obligations. Reach out today to see a demo and learn more.

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