Moving Mainstreet
Written by Tim Hall
VP Membership


For centuries, moving companies have been the backbone of a community’s growth. Horse drawn wagons loaded with furniture transporting families from one home to another with family and friends helping with the task of loading and unloading became very common throughout the development of many new areas; chasing dreams and opportunities. As commerce grew, the need for moving services became a necessity for these family moves as well as businesses.

The moving industry has a rich history of family owned and operated businesses worldwide. Moving and storage companies founded generations ago continue to be passed down with a sense of pride and a high desire to continue the services offered out to towns, cities, states and across the world. Regardless of size and years of operation, being a part of the moving industry produces an opportunity to add to the heritage of this important part in history.

As a member of OneMove, you enjoy an opportunity to participate in a society of companies perhaps just like yours. Turning the key of a door that was opened generations ago with the focus of playing a critical role in the movement and growth of communities. With the access to move families across the country, with little effort and no investment, OneMove is there to help you obtain valuable customers through the unlimited offer of interstate moving utilizing great partners, easy to use technology and an extensive level of service delivery.

Open your doors to more. OneMove is ready to join you in serving your customers proudly.

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