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OneMove is a fresh, technology-based approach to long distance moving. We’ve built a network of the best moving companies in the country to be able to service moves anywhere in the US. We work with a moving company local to you to load your stuff and another local moving company where you are moving to deliver everything to your new home. In between we use the efficiencies of freight transportation to get your things to you quickly, and at a better price and faster delivery times than traditional transportation methods for moving.

Half of the move total will be collected two business days prior to your pick-up date. The remaining half of the move will be collected 1 business day prior to the start of your delivery spread. All payments are collected via credit card.

Doing a video survey let’s us know exactly what you’ll be moving so we can determine how much space your shipment will take up, and how much time it’ll take to load and unload. This information allows us to provide you with a guaranteed quote.

Guaranteed quotes are exactly what you will pay for your move, as long as the size of the move and services needed stay the same. Knowing exactly what you will pay to get to point B gives peace of mind there will be no expensive surprises along the way. Non-binding quotes are a best estimate of how much your move will cost, but the final price will ultimately depend on how much stuff you end up moving. So if you end up moving less the price will be lower, but at the same time if you end up moving more your price will be higher.

Be wary of companies who are not willing to offer a guaranteed quote. A common scam in the moving industry is to give you a “low-ball” non-binding quote, then charge much more on the day of the move.

The exact time it will take to get your stuff wherever you’re moving to will depend primarily on how far it is your moving. Most moves deliver within 5 business days, but we have options for guaranteeing certain dates if you’re in a time crunch.

OneMove can accommodate almost any furniture items you would have in your home from a standard couch to an antique table to a refrigerator. Unfortunately, there are certain items that can’t be moved by most moving companies. These items include live plants (and animals), alcohol, ammunition, hazardous liquids (fuels, paint thinner, chemicals), and oils.

Absolutely. Any information about your move is only shared as needed with those who will be directly involved with performing and serving your move. We do not store credit card information, and we use industry-standard encryption methods to store passwords.

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