Call for a Free Moving Quote!
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Call for a Free Moving Quote!
(855) 355-4972

How Video Survey Works
Safe and Secure

Our video surveys are performed by video survey experts. They understand what information is needed to ensure that your stuff is properly accounted for. OneMove records the video so we can capture the details and process your inventory to give you a guaranteed price. We never share this information, or the video, with anyone else.

Dax performs a video survey

Dax, performing a OneMove Video Survey

What to Expect

Our survey specialist will call and guide you through the survey when it's time for your appointment. Depending on how big your place is, sessions might take between between 30-45 minutes.

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Video chat requires a high-speed internet connection to keep calls clear. If you're calling with your smartphone, the LTE network is fine.

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Just before the call, sign into your video chat account. Been awhile since your last video chat? No problem, we'll help you get set up.


If you have trouble getting set up, no need to worry! A OneMove Video Survey Expert can help you troubleshoot any issues you might have with your technology before or during your call. If the call cuts out, no big deal. We always have a backup plan :)

Dax guides a video survey
Our OneMove Video Surveyors

Meet the experts who you'll be interacting with during your Video Survey. Moving soon? Call us at (855) 355-4972 to schedule your Video Survey and get a guaranteed quote today!

OneMove video survey team



Every week we conduct over 50 video survey with people all over the country that are moving long distance. Here are some of the things they've said about the video survey process.


"There is something very nerve-wracking about having a stranger enter your home and, on top of that, know the contents inside your home. There was no fear with OneMove because the salesperson isn't there in person."

Fair Prices

"I was new to OneMove and wanted to understand how much it would cost to move all my stuff. OneMove was not only easy to use, but gave a price that worked for me."

Ease of Scheduling

"OneMove was available before or after work hours. So there was no need to take a day or half day off of work to meet someone in person. They were able to do it within 30 minutes from my phone."

Backup Video

"If there is ever a question about my stuff, instead of taking someone's word for what was said or discussed, it is nice that the Video Survey is saved so there is always a reference point."

Easily reschedule your video survey appointment
Need to Reschedule?

Already have a Video Survey appointment booked but need to reschedule? We understand that life happens. Call us at (855) 416-6838 to talk to a OneMove Video Survey expert to reschedule.

OneMove is the fast and simple way to move long-distance.

  • Immediate ballpark pricing
  • Guaranteed price fast via free video consultation
  • Fastest shipping times available

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We'll contact you within one business day to schedule a video chat (that's where one of our Moving Specialists takes a quick video inventory of the stuff you're moving). After that we'll give you a binding quote, help book your move, and arrange pickup/delivery services along with anything else you may need.

Questions? Give us a call at (855) 355-4972.

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