OneMove is a platform that provides a range of services to enable moving companies to perform high-quality, long distance moves.
OneMove Network
Fast, high-quality, cost-effective, long distance moving.

OneMove facilitates long-distance household goods shipments by connecting a network of moving companies and freight companies to provide a fast, efficient way to perform high quality long-distance moves.

Members of the OneMove Network perform the loading and unloading labor, and OneMove finds the most convenient transportation service provider to do the driving.

The OneMove Platform also offers services to enable moving companies of all sizes to fulfill long-distance moves from start to finish. From Video Survey to claims services, OneMove’s toolkit of services can handle the pre-move survey all of the way until after the shipment delivers.

OneMove is an innovative new way to move long-distance, with benefits for moving companies and consumers alike.
For movers, OneMove:
  • Allows you to set your own pricing. You should have control over what you get paid, so you can maximize profit and volume.
  • Makes you part of an elite, high quality network, without the need to rebrand or pay someone else for shipments you book and haul yourself.
  • Lets you expand the reach of your existing fleet: instantly provide customers with quotes to ship to anywhere in the country.
  • Massively increases capacity: OneMove transportation providers are many times larger than the largest network of movers, meaning you won’t have a problem finding a truck to put a shipment on, even in peak season.

For consumers, OneMove:
  • Provides fast transit times so your items get where you’re going on your schedule, not someone else’s.
  • Enables shorter delivery spreads, and even guaranteed dates if needed, so you know when your things will arrive and aren’t stuck waiting in an empty new home.
  • Loading and unloading performed by our high-quality network of the best local movers in town.
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