The OneMove platform allows coordinators, dispatchers, and salespeople to survey, quote, and book long-distance shipments. All shipments are loaded and unloaded by local crews, and the interstate transport is done by freight companies.
Why OneMove?

We’ve blended the logistics and scalability of freight transportation with quality OA/DA services to offer a modern moving product that far outperforms traditional van lines. With this combination, OneMove allows any moving company to arrange for transport and delivery of an interstate shipment.

When you book a move into OneMove, your customers get faster shipping and tighter delivery windows, as well as, affordable prices. In addition to commissions on every move you book, you can earn revenue by performing origin or destination services for other shipments in the OneMove network.

Moving Companies
  • Set your own rates
  • Keep a commission on bookings
  • Receive business from other Members
  • Pay nothing up front

OneMove Provides
  • Software platform for instant pricing and booking
  • National network of moving companies
  • Sales and service training
  • Customer support
  • Services to complete a move, start to finish
OneMove is for local, regional, and military movers, independent salespeople, and independent service providers.
OneMove enables local movers with no interstate fleet to immediately begin serving interstate moving customers.
Local Movers

Since pricing on the freight market can fluctuate significantly depending on geographic supply and demand, doing shipments via the OneMove platform can be significantly less expensive than a traditional household goods move, even at off-season prices, making this option competitive with a van line shipment.

With OneMove local movers can improve their sales and marketing efficiency by serving long-distance customers in addition to local. Most importantly OneMove provides the opportunity to earn additional revenue by performing packing and origin services on other shipments and earning sales compensation on bookings. Additionally, OneMove has many resources available to help local movers generate additional long-distance leads.

For regional movers, OneMove opens up nationwide coverage while leveraging the company’s current resources.
Regional Movers

Through the platform, OneMove enables you to book business destined and originating anywhere in the country. This allows you to obtain booking compensation on every lead you receive, as well as opening up new lead sources such as long-distance leads and corporate relocation. You can augment your existing fleet with OneMove, using it for shipments that aren’t in your region, or that have destinations in difficult-to-service metro areas.

On the operations side, OneMove can help you fill your warehouses by servicing the destination storage needs of other OneMove Members. Highly profitable moving companies are incredibly efficient in sales and operations, and being a OneMove member opens up new doors to maximize the use of all your company’s resources.

Military shipments can be serviced with OneMove when a driver isn’t available or in difficult-to-cover areas

When a traditional driver isn’t available, OneMove can be used to still load a shipment directly onto a trailer and get it moving, avoiding double handling and missed RDDs. Current OneMove Members have found that in certain geographic areas, listing themselves as the hauler and shipping via OneMove can be more profitable, even at off-season prices. During peak season, almost every shipment is profitable, because OneMove allows you to purchase transportation services at freight rates, well below peak tariff rates. Additionally, many OneMove Members are military certified, meaning you can use OneMove to perform every part of a shipment in a pinch.

Independent salespeople can work part-time with OneMove to book shipments that come their way.
Independent Salespeople

Anyone with experience in the moving industry can become qualified to refer business into OneMove, and help connect customers with the best movers in town. Our web-based instant pricing platform provides a turnkey way to price and provide estimates to customers. OneMove can even help provide leads and remote survey capabilities. OneMove can help turn your moving expertise into additional income for you, and a value-add for your friends, family, and business associates during one of the most stressful times of their lives.

Independent service providers can set their own rates to get part-time or full-time work packing, loading, and unloading OneMove shipments.
Independent Service Providers

OneMove depends on an exclusive group of experienced, high-quality movers to operate our “pitch-and-catch” system. Anyone with the requisite experience and references can apply to become a Member. Once approved, Members list their rates and service areas to begin receiving shipments. Ideal candidates are current or past household goods long-haul drivers, packing crews, lumpers, and experienced local foremen.

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